The Hotel Vendome is set within the backdrop of a beautiful western town in the Arizona Highlands that embraces history, culture and the beautiful outdoors. Situated a half block from the acclaimed Courthouse Square, you can stroll the wide tree-lined streets and visit galleries, shops, antique stores, restaurants, old saloons and experience a sense of community found few other places.


The 1917 hotel houses twenty guest rooms with private bathrooms. We believe the character and charm this building lends creates a unique experience you just can't find at the big chains. Each room has a unique feeling and style to suit your personal needs, please take the time to peruse our accommodations page to find the perfect room for you. With two large covered verandas there is plenty of space to spend lazy afternoons reading and sipping on a cool drink in the clean mountain air. 

Here at the Hotel Vendome we value our guest service, looking for a great restaurant, a leisurely hike or information on the area, look no further than our knowledgeable front desk staff and convenient concierge desk. We aim to make you feel as though you are spending time with friends. To see some of our local attractions click here


     Eric and Stephanie purchased the Hotel Vendome in August of 2010 and were married just one month later. After three years they have added a new feeling to the Vendome, welcomed their first child into the world in June 2013 and are currently opening a brewery in Prescott due open May 2014. Avid lovers of travel, food, the outdoors and vintage goods, the hotel has been the perfect fit. Upon the inception of the business they set out to improve service and amenities to create more comfort for guests.  They are always lovingly renovating and refurbishing rooms to add more comfort and modern amenities while maintaining the unique charm of the nearly 100 year old building.