{ROOM 16}
Classic Queen - Abby and Noble's Room

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Abby and Noble are our resident ghosts here at the Hotel Vendome, and are still believed to inhabit this room. This room has a cozy plush queen mattress, private bathroom with shower and quaint touches left as gifts for Abby and Noble. This room sits on the second floor close to the the upstairs veranda with views of Cortez Street.  For Abby and Noble's full story scroll to the bottom of this page...​


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Room 16 is haunted by our resident ghosts Abby and Noble. Abby lived at The Vendome in the 1920's and was believed to have been an owner of The Hotel Vendome but lost the business due to overdue taxes. The new owners allowed Abby to stay with her husband and cat in Room 16. Abby soon became ill with tuberculosis and sent her husband out to get her medicine but he never returned.  Abby left in despair, decided to starve herself and her cat Noble. They perished shortly after in their beloved Room 16. We book this room only by request and it is very popular, people bring gifts and mementos for Abby and Noble. They are very friendly ghosts and are known for moving things about, opening doors, turning on the TV, and Noble likes to snuggle into bed with you occasionally.