The Hotel Vendome was built in the year 1917 as a hotel to help with the demand for housing in Prescott. It was a time of boom for the area, people had moved from the East for the mining opportunities and the health benefits of the dry desert air. When the hotel was built it housed 31 rooms and 16 bathrooms for guests, stating it was "the classiest place in town" and also "a place where particular people would be satisfied" Prescott Journal Miner. People have loved the Vendome throughout the last century and in 1983 a group of investors decided to renovate the old building and breathe new life into it. They were meticulous about the amount of preservation they did, even down to the numbers on the guestroom doors. So although you have modern amenities such as private bathrooms, air conditioning and heat, you still see all of the charm of the crafstmen woodworking, iron radiators and a few of the vintage clawfoot tubs from the past.​

​At the Hotel Vendome you will take a step back in time during your stay, imagine the faces that walked these halls in the days of the Old West. Stop by one of the Saloons on Whiskey Row to see where they spent their time, or stroll the old Courthouse Square that has stood for 100 years. The character of the building lends itself to relaxation and comfort for your getaway while still embracing the feel of the old west. ​​